American Rescue Plan Act

Application – Community Development and Public Health

Community Development Grants
* Please note, applications must be recieved by January 5, 2024.
Ways to complete and submit your application for consideration:
  1. Submit Electronically (Below)
  2. Download and Submit a Hardcopy

Hardcopy Applications should be submitted to:

Office of the Albany County Executive

112 State Street

Albany, NY 12207

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Community Development Grants
Application Details
The Albany County Community Development Grant Program provides American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) local relief funds to nonprofit organizations providing key services to County residents and stakeholders that were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are in need of support. As further detailed in the below table, the County is dedicating $6,800,000 in ARPA funding to make strategic investments by providing valuable resources to community organizations to help ensure a strong and equitable recovery from the pandemic.
Nonprofit organizations and community groups are encouraged to submit proposals that invest in the following program areas:
Program Area Funding
Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Telehealth $1,500,000
Affordable Housing/ Housing Support $1,500,000
Recreation and Outdoor Infrastructure
Food Access $1,100,000
Preventing and Responding to Violence $700,000
Youth Services $300,000
Transportation Services $300,000
Senior Services $300,000
Total $6,800,000
Eligible Programmatic Activities

Applicants may submit requests for the expansion of existing initiatives, development of new initiatives, or other improvements that will address community needs in the following categories:

Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Telehealth: Applications should enhance community access to behavioral health and/or substance abuse services. Examples of eligible uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevention, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, crisis care, diversion programs, outreach to individuals not yet engaged in treatment, harm reduction and long-term recovery support,
  • Enhanced behavioral health services in schools,
  • Support for equitable access to reduce disparities in access to quality treatment, and
  • Expansion of access to evidence-based services for opioid use disorder prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery

Housing: Applications should address housing insecurity in Albany County. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Affordable housing development,
  • Emergency housing assistance,
  • Counseling and legal aid to prevent eviction and homelessness,
  • Emergency programs or services for homeless individuals,
  • Tiny housing,
  • Building improvements, and
  • Prevention programs

Recreation and Outdoor Infrastructure: Applications should enhance public health and wellbeing through investments in recreation and the natural environment. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Preservation and public utilization of open space,
  • Recreation and sports facilities,
  • Heritage and agritourism facilities and programs,
  • Trails and nature education facilities, and
  • Community forestry/garden initiatives

Food Access:  Applications should address food insecurity in Albany County. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Addressing food insecurity,
  • Promoting access to healthy foods,
  • Education and outreach,
  • Addressing food deserts, and
  • Establishing child nutritional programs

Preventing and Responding to Violence: Applications should support community violence intervention and prevention programs.

Youth Services:  Funding for programs and initiatives focused specifically on youth. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • After school programming,
  • Services for foster youth, and
  • Recreational programming

Transportation Services:  Funding for programs that address transportation challenges. Examples include, but are not limited to, transportation programs that increase access to:

  • Health care,
  • Food, and
  • Employment

Senior Services: Funding for programs and initiatives specifically targeted toward senior citizens in Albany County.

Application Details, Eligibility and Restrictions
Competitive Process: Funds will be awarded only after the completion, submission, and review of a complete application. Incomplete or deficient applications will be disqualified for consideration by the County. Completion of an application is not a guarantee of an award. Applications will be reviewed, and investments will be made at the discretion of the County.
Award Structure: The intent of the County is to provide support in the form of reimbursement-based grants.
Decision Process. Each proposed project and applicant will be subject to the County’s standard ARPA decision making process in order to ensure ARPA eligibility, ability of applicants to meet the reporting and compliance requirements as set forth by the US Treasury, and to determine the best and most strategic use of funds.
Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted until 5pm on Friday, January 19, 2024.
Award Notification:  It is anticipated that applicants will to be notified of application status around February of 2024. Once approved, successful applicants will be required to complete intake forms and enter into a contract with the County.

Application Assistance. The County of Albany will be hosting information sessions during the application open period to assist grant applicants. For more information visit:

Federal Eligibility.County awards must be expended in compliance with applicable Local, State and Federal law. The use of funds must address impacts associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic. For additional information, see Federal regulations below: Click Here.

    Consortiums.  Consortium applicatons are permitted as long as one  lead applicant is noted.

      Eligible Organizations:  Nonprofit and for-profit organization located in Albany County are both eligible to apply for funding; however, nonprofit organization will be given funding priority. For consideration, organizations must be in good standing with the County.
          Award Restrictions:  Awarded funds may not be used to pay taxes, fees, or any other payments due to the Albany County. In addition, organization or entities shall not be permitted to use funds for expenses that already have been or will be covered by any other local, state, or federal assistance program

          Award Terms. All funds must be expended by December 31, 2026.

          Protection of Personal Information.   The County utilizes appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to reasonably mitigate risks and protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of any personal information provided as a part of this application.

          Award Amounts. The minimum application request is $100,000. Applicants should be mindful of the following program area funding allocations in making their funding request:

          • Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Telehealth – $1,500,000
          • Affordable Housing/ Housing Support – $1,500,000
          • Recreation and Outdoor Infrastructure – $1,100,000
          • Food Access – $1,100,000
          • Preventing and Responding to Violence – $700,000
          • Youth Services – $300,000
          • Transportation Services – $300,000
          • Senior Services – $300,000
          • TOTAL: $6,800,000

          Grading Criteria. Grant applications will be graded on the following criteria:

          • Applicant capability and experience
          • Financial sustainability an a commitment of matching funds
          • Project readiness/ability to meet ARPA timeline, and
          • Community impact
          Forms You Will Need
          For Your Application
          Proposed Budget Form and US Treasury Reporting and Compliance Guidance  
          Proposed Budget Form: Below is a downloadable Proposed Budget Form.  The Proposed Budget Form will need to be completed and uploaded as a part or your application.
          US Treasury Reporting and Compliance Guidance: Applicants will be required to ackowledge that the have recieved a copy of and understand the US Treasury’s Reporting and Compliance Guidance. A copy is available by clicking the below button or ny visiting:

          Please note, the digital Community Development Grant application does not have a “save and continue later” feature.  To assist applicants in preparing application responses offline at their convenience, there is a downloadable Word document which contains the application questions. Applicants may work on the Word document and can then copy and paste responses into online application. If you have any trouble downloading the Word document, please email