American Rescue Plan Act

Application – Economic Development

Industrial & Commercial Property
Revitalization Grant

* Please note, the timeline for submitting an application to the Industrial & Commercial Property Revitalization grant program has passed.

Ways to complete and submit your application for consideration:
  1. Submit Electronically (Below)
  2. Download and Submit a Hardcopy

Hardcopy Applications should be submitted to:

Office of the Albany County Executive

112 State Street

Albany, NY 12207

Have a Question?

The County will accept questions through June 7, 2023 and will publicly post responses to the ARPA Portal on or around June 9, 2023.

To submit a question, simply fill out the below form. If you include your email, you will be notified when responses are publicly posted. 

Industrial & Commercial Property
Revitalization Grant

Albany County is seeking applications from property owners in need of funding to accelerate the revitalization and reuse of vacant or abandoned industrial or commercial properties in disadvantaged communities within Albany County. The County is dedicating up to $1 million of ARPA funding for this program. Eligible uses include rehabilitation or maintenance, renovation, removal and remediation of environmental contaminants, demolition or deconstruction, or greening/vacant lot cleanup. Priority will be given to applications focused on brownfield sites. In order to comply with federal ARPA eligibility guidelines, properties must be in areas “disproportionately impacted” by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the purposes of this application any Albany County properties in “Disadvantaged Communities” as shown on the New York State Disadvantaged Communities map will be considered eligible:

Preference will be afforded to:
  • Properties located within Qualified Census Tracts
  • Brownfield properties or otherwise challenging sites
Application Details, Eligibility and Restrictions

Competitive Process. Funds will be awarded only after the completion, submission, and review of a FULL application. Incomplete or deficient applications will be disqualified for consideration by the County. Completion of an application is not a guarantee of an award. Applications will be reviewed, and investments will be made at the discretion of the County.

Award Structure. Awards may be provided by the County in the form of grants, loans, forgivable loans or any combination thereof. The County reserves the right to not fund a project, or to fund it at a lower amount than requested.

Decision Process. Each proposed project and applicant will be subject to the County’s standard ARPA decision making process in order to ensure ARPA eligibility, ability of applicants to meet the reporting and compliance requirements as set forth by the US Treasury and to determine the best and most strategic use of funds.

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted until 5pm on Friday June 30, 2023.

Award Notification: Applicants will be notified of application status in August of 2023. Once approved, successful applicants will be required to complete intake forms and enter into a contract with the County.

Application Assistance.The County of Albany will be hosting information sessions during the application open period to assist grant applicants. For more information visit:

Federal Eligibility.County awards must be expended in compliance with applicable Local, State and Federal law. The use of funds must address impacts associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic. For additional information, see Federal regulations below: Click Here.

    Eligible Organizations or Entities.To be eligible for consideration, applicants must own or otherwise demonstrate control of the property where improvements are proposed. Properties must he located in Disadvantaged Communities in Albany County as determined by the following map: (   

        Award Restrictions.Awarded funds may not be used to pay taxes, fees, or any other payments due to the County of Albany. In addition, organizations or entities shall not be permitted to use funds for expenses that already have been or will be covered by any other local, state, or federal assistance program.

        Award Terms. All funds must be expended by December 31, 2026. The ability to expend funds in full by this date is a requirement for application consideration.

        Award Amounts. Up to $500,000. The County anticipates making several awards.

        Grading Criteria. Applications will be graded on the following criteria:

        • Applicant experience and capabilities
        • Project Readiness/ability to meet timeline
        • Consistent with County ED strategy
        • Impact of site redevelopment
        Forms You Will Need
        For Your Application
        Proposed Budget Form and US Treasury Reporting and Compliance Guidance  
        Proposed Budget Form. Below is a downloadable Proposed Budget Form which  will need to be completed and uploaded as a part or your application.
        US Treasury Reporting and Compliance Guidance: Applicants will be required to ackowledge that the have recieved a copy of and understand the US Treasury’s Reporting and Compliance Guidance. A copy is available by clicking the below button or ny visiting:

        * Please note, the timeline for submitting an application to the Industrial & Commercial Property Revitalization grant program has passed.