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ARPA Investment Plan Detail

Economic Recovery and Growth

$7.9 Million

Small Business Grants. Grants to help small businesses in the County recover and grow.

Workforce Development Grants.Grants to support development or expansion of workforce development programs in Albany County serving strategic industries including clean energy manufacturing, health care, nanotechnology, and advanced manufacturing.

On-the Job Training Fund. In partnership with the Capital Region Workforce Development Board, the County will provide additional funding to support expansion of on-the-job training and existing working training in Albany County.

Tourism, Arts, and Culture Grants. Grants to help tourism, arts, and cultural institutions recover from the impacts of COVID-19 or launch new initiatives to attract tourists to Albany County.

Blighted Property Demolition and Rehabilitation Grants. Grants to support the demolition or rehabilitation of commercial properties in qualified census tracts.

Commercial Office Conversion / Reinvention Program. Grants to support the conversion of vacant or underutilized commercial office properties to other uses or to attract new out-of-County tenants to fill vacancies.

County Tourism and Economic Development Capacity. Funding for Discover Albany and the Advance Albany County Alliance to offset lost revenue, build capacity, and enhance their presence in the community in order to assist with economic recovery.

County Infrastructure and Workforce

$12.2 Million

Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure. Investments in County water infrastructure including wastewater, stormwater, and green infrastructure.

Broadband Infrastructure. Funding for standalone broadband expansion programs and/or funding to leverage against state and federal grant funding.

County IT Infrastructure. Funding for hardware/software needed to protect and prepare County IT infrastructure for increased stress on the system resulting from remote work, virtual meetings, telehealth, etc.

County Workforce Retention/Attraction. Funding to retain and/or attract workers to County service.

Effective Service Delivery Investments. Investments in technology, software, equipment, etc. to improve the delivery of County services.

County Public and Mental Health Initiatives. Core Public Health and Mental Health initiatives to address the impact of the pandemic, underlying conditions, and/or social determinants of health.

Parks and Open Space. Funding to improve County parks and open space to promote recreation in Albany County.

Community Development & Public Health

$8.8 Million

Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Telehealth Grants. Funding for programs or initiatives focused on behavioral health and/or substance abuse, including telehealth, that were exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Affordable Housing/ Housing Support Grants. Funding to address housing insecurity. Examples include increasing the supply of affordable housing, rent assistance, tiny housing, financial planning services, building improvements, and prevention programs.

Community Improvement Capital Grants. Capital grants to support community infrastructure. Examples include, but are not limited to, physical improvements to homeless shelters, parks and recreation facilities, etc.

Food Access Grants. Funding to increase food accessibility in Albany County (e.g. education and outreach, home delivery, and food assistance).

Preventing and Responding to Violence Grants. Funding to support community violence intervention/prevention programs.

Frontline Worker Support Program. A County-led program to support frontline workers most impacted by the pandemic including, but not limited to, health care, public health, emergency services, and long-term care workers.

Non-Profit Support Grants (Other).Competitive grants for nonprofit organizations impacted by COVID-19 that are not eligible under the other categories in this section.

Youth Services Grants. Funding for programs and initiatives focused specifically on youth. Examples include, but are not limited to after school programming and services for foster youth.

Senior Services Grants. Funding for programs and initiatives specifically targeted toward senior citizens in Albany County.

Transportation Services Grants. Funding for programs that address transportation challenges, including, but not limited to, health care, food access, and employment.